A Little Bit of God in Thailand's Sin City

Jan Olav is in Pattaya for a very good reason. He feels that he has a purpose there and that he has been given a chance to do some good. “My work here

Хочу съездить в Таиланд, посоветуйте куда поехать,чтобы совместить пляжный отдых с экскурсионным

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Почитай отзывы и сама для себя решишь, что тебя привлекает и куда поехать

Garden Cliff 5* (Wong Amat Beach, Pattaya, Thailand)

My video - 10'2008.

Путешествие в рай и обратно. Эккамай-Паттайя: дешевле едешь - дольше будешь.

Доброго вам здравия, достопочтенные фтыкатели, и позвольте поздравить вас с ещё одним замечательным днём, завершающим новогодние праздненства. А день этот - сегодняшний, и замечателен он тем, что наидостопочтеннейший из всех аффтаров снова на нашей волне и представляет вашему вниманию очередную часть своего тайского мегакрео,...

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The ancient “Soil Houses” at Pattaya Floating Market Officially Opened

The ancient “Soil Houses” at Pattaya Floating Market Officially Opened

The fair of various products that was used in promoting the local's careers presented rare and beautiful plants. Go along to select plants for your garden

Chivas Whisky Dinner

Chivas Whisky Dinner

To celebrate their company's upcoming 100 years anniversary, representatives from world famous Chivas Regal Whisky, held a special Whisky Dinner at the

National Children's Day

January was National Children’s Day, and was celebrated throughout Thailand.  Here in Pattaya, a number of colourful activities were put on for this special day for children.  In the morning, at 9am at Pattaya City Hall, Mayor Ittipol Khunplome officially opened the event with many fun activities put on in the grounds around the famous building for all to enjoy.

At Mike Shopping Mall, later that morning, Khun Surat Mekavarakul, CEO of Mike Business Group, welcomed a host of children to enjoy a morning full of fun and games put on at the famous store between Beach and Second Roads.  There was musical chairs, singing and everyone went away happy with a gift from the store.

Other shopping malls in Pattaya also put on activities for children. At the Royal Garden Plaza, a Super Hero show was held, where children were invited to meet and have a photo taken with some of their favourite super heroes, such as Batman and Wonder Woman.  The two Central Stores put on their own unique events.  At Central Center open air arena in North Pattaya, Mayor Ittipol Khunplome paid a visit in the afternoon to officially open the Pattaya Discovery Dinoland event to celebrate the day.  Gifts were handed out to children and a special donation point was set up for toys to be handed out to various charity organisations to help disadvantaged children.  Further along Second Road, at the Central Festival Pattaya Beach super mall, General Manager,  Khun Sarun Tuntijumnun invited Khun Rattanachai Sootthidechanai, Chairman of Tourism and Sport to open the Kids Planet event put on specially for Children’s Day.  The ground floor was turned into one huge fun fair, with entertaining clowns organising many games and prizes for the children; plus a number of attractions such as bouncy castles and a very unusual water-ball ride.  

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