Про отели в Турции...

В: Подскажите молодежные 3* и 4* отели Турции.Предпочтения:Близко к морю,Хорошая дискотека,Горки,Большое количество молодежи...Заранее спасибо!!!

О: Алания -молодежный город ,самое клевое заключается в том,что....там пляж клеопатры,а это значит,что это мелкий песочек мелкий мелкий и приятный))))))) в остальных городах турции галька)) море чистое-чистое...нереально красивое....я там сама отдыхала
отель был 3* все включено))))море через...

From Kalymnos to Bodrum for camels

Regular summer visitors to the resort town of Bodrum, a group of 25 Greek citizens from the island of Kalymnos, came to the traditional winter event of camel wrestling in Bodrum on Sunday.

Among the group were Themelis and Maria Kassaras, John and Eleni Kassaras, George and Popi Kassaras, and Manolis and Katerina Kourounis, who were the guests of Hüseyin and Ali Ayaz, hoteliers in the Gümbet district.

They were found seated ringside in one of the most comfortable positions with a view of the field, on plastic chairs on the bed of a truck, where their hosts were plying them with drinks and large meatball sandwiches cooked on grills below the truck.

John, who runs a tourism business in Kalymnos, explained that they came often to Bodrum, but usually in October at the end of the tourism season. He said that this was the first time they had come to Bodrum for camel wrestling. When asked what they thought of it he said: “Interesting, very interesting. It is something completely different.”

Источник: Hurriyet Daily News

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